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A Savoring Brand in town

At Julie’s Resto-Pastry, we’re building a dynamic and authentically inspired fast casual dining brand, offering delicious food, inspired by a rich trial of world recognized palates, infused by carefully selected ingredients to yield mouthwatering tastes, bite after bite, after bite.

Developing a unique product line that demonstrates the true quality of our products, our menu features a wide selection of freshly prepared hot and cold sandwiches, wood-fired oven pizza, soup and salad, pastry and dessert, all served for breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day.

Our Culture Casual, Creative, Quick and Flavorful.

You entrust us in fulfilling our promise to deliver a pleasurable dining experience, and we live up to it from the moment you walk in to dine at Julie’s, or when you call in to takeaway or request a delivery. Our commitment spans beyond what meets the eye to touch on the way we handle our kitchen, supplies, fresh produce, perishables, and above all, the quality of service our employees deliver, each and every day. Our recipe for loyalty is generosity, which you will find evident in the portions that we serve; not to the extent of over eating, rather a tad short fill-up to keep you well savored. Repeat clients will also enjoy a rewarding program which serves as a token of appreciation for their loyalty, year round.

The Venue A Vibe of Coziness

We understand the value of time in today’s busy world, so why not make it as equally enjoyable as the food you relish at Julie’s? Unwind in a warm and relaxing atmosphere unlike any other, where you can simply enjoy the finely decorated place and the subtle elements of brick, wood, and fabric while a fine selection of background music plays to ease your mood. Hop on a stool at the bar and mingle with friends or friends to be while enjoying one of our refreshing mocktails, prepared by that crazy guy behind the bar – soon to be behind bars if he continues with his stunts – we sure hate to see him restrained.

Julie’s Franchise

Julie’s is a franchise base concept. Operations will be followed by a strict guidelines of execution. Staff will be well trained on the latest franchise methods. Julie’s will follow the following identity:

  • A casual contemporary concept
  • After party food concept
  • Food serving time 5 to 10 minutes
  • Open kitchen
  • High hygiene standards
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